Jeanie teaches singing privately in Hawarden, Flintshire.  All ages and abilities are welcome and the genres taught include; Pop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Traditional Folk, English Art Song, Italian Song, German Lied, French Mélodie, Oratorio and Opera.  Basic Piano, Music Theory and Musicianship skills may also be taught and lessons are tailored to the individual.  

ABRSM (Classical/Musical Theatre), LCM (Musical Theatre) & Trinity (Rock/Pop) exam preparation courses available.

Jeanie is also a member of ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians).


Master of Music Degree (MMus) in Vocal Performance.  Highlighted specialisms include Vocal Pedagogy and Psychology of Performance.

Grade 8 ABRSM Singing (Distinction), Grade 8 Piano ABRSM, Grade 8 Music Theory ABRSM.

Over 20 years performing experience and over 15 years teaching experience.  Jeanie has also lectured at the University of Chester, as Musical Director /  Course Leader for their Musical Theatre Module and Vocal Coach for their Popular Music undergraduate students and is currently the Choral Director for the Diocese of Wrexham NSSP (National Schools Singing Programme).

From having had the privilege of sitting on audition panels for Musical Theatre Undergraduate students, Jeanie understands the audition requirements of young singers.  Many of Jeanie's students have secured placements and scholarships on musical theatre courses and music schools at some of the UK's leading performing arts institutes, some of which include ArtsEd, GSA, Bird, Italia Conti, Birmingham Conservatoire and Chetham's School of Music.

In 2016, Jeanie had the pleasure of coaching Rachel Ng Shuk-Ching, who went on to win the Under 16s Vocal Competition at the International Eisteddford in Llangollen, all the way from Hong Kong!


First Consultation Lesson = £20

Normal rate = £30 per hour

Advanced Student (Grade 6 and above / audition and competition training) = £35 per hour

NEW for 2022!

Discounted Short Courses Available from March:

'FIND YOUR VOICE' ...Adult Beginner Short Course: 

£100 for 5 lessons!   

A gentle introduction for the adult learner... This therapeutic course is to help you find your authentic voice and overcome obstacles through technical exercises and basic technique.  Although songs will be used to develop the voice, the focus will be on finding and enjoying your unique sound rather than learning repertoire.  

'CHOIR AUDITIONS'... Course for adults wishing to join a choir: 

£120 for 5 lessons.  

Lessons tailored to individual audition requirements.

'THE ACTOR'S CLASS'... THAT Audition Song: 

£140 / £200 -  5 / 7 weeks.  

For actors needing to compile or brush up their audition songs.


Please register your interest through the contact form.

Teaching Testimonials


Jeanie is very professional and a marvellous vocal tutor. Before my Daughter attended vocal lessons with Jeanie, she was unsure which direction to take with her singing. Jeanie provided advice and guidance to my Daughter not only with her singing but also with studying music and she has since been accepted into a Music School studying Opera. Jeanie has a vast amount of experience as a successful performer herself and this makes her the perfect choice as a vocal tutor. I would recommend anybody looking for a professional and dedicated Tutor to contact Jeanie.


I had singing lessons with Jeanie to help me prepare a song to sing as part of an audition for drama school. I had never had any vocal training, wasn't naturally talented as a singer and had little confidence singing. By the end of my singing lessons I hoped to have a song prepared which I could use in auditions and to be able to perform it with some degree of confidence.
In the duration of my lessons with Jeanie, I felt, I progressed lesson by lesson and overall much more than I had anticipated. Firstly, my ear for music developed significantly. I had little experience listening to music or of identifying notes and found it difficult to sing the note played to me at the beginning. However within a few weeks I was picking up the tune of new songs as they were played. In terms of my voice my breathing technique, my pitch, tone and vocal range improved significantly.
I felt that Jeanie constantly challenged me to develop as she always introduced new material and encouraged me to work on more difficult songs stretching my range and ability. My confidence when singing also improved greatly as Jeanie also dedicated time to working with me on performance and presentation aspects. By the end of my lessons I had learnt up to three songs which I felt confident performing at an audition.
I learnt an enormous amount throughout my time with Jeanie from breathing exercises, singing exercises, vocal technique, singing technique, how to read music to performance through song and the potential of my own voice. I also was exposed to a variety of different music genres in the material we worked on from opera to musical theatre to folk songs.
Jeanie always was 100% committed as a teacher to my development and enjoyment of singing. She was very patient, repeating things which I found hard to grasp and helping me by using different methods to teach them to me.
She sourced material for me to work on, gave me CD’s with recordings of vocal exercises and songs we were working on. I continue to use the exercises I learnt with Jeanie to work on my voice. I am now an acting student and have found that these have helped me in my current singing classes and that all I learnt from Jeanie has enabled me to approach my singing classes with a lot more knowledge and confidence than I had before. This has been instrumental in helping me to continue the development of my voice.
I previously viewed myself as a poor singer who was completely tone deaf. I had therefore always dreaded singing. However the support and encouragement given to me by Jeanie changed this perspective completely. Throughout our lessons I began to really enjoy singing and also believe that I could indeed sing. It is because of this that, today, I continue to work on and improve my singing ability based on the foundation which Jeanie provided me with.


I took up singing lessons primarily because I had been advised to do some breathing exercises due to my illness.  
I knew that you could also help with breathing exercises so I had no hesitation in contacting you.
I have been singing since a very young age and am passionate about music in general.  I have always dreamt of having singing lessons but never had the opportunity...
My experience of meeting you and learning techniques has been a tremendous help to me for my confidence as well as my general health and vocals!  My only regret is that I was not able to have this experience when I was in my teens! 
I have learnt such a lot from you and the fact that you are never too old to follow your dreams!...  I still practise my breathing exercises fairly regularly and considering taking up further lessons hopefully in the near future.  It is unfortunate that we live so far away now as I think you have a natural teaching technique with plenty of patience!!


Jeanie is a wonderful teacher.  I wanted to be a singer so she decided to train me and I must say, she has done a lot and I am forever thankful.  She was always positive and hopeful. She helped me to open up my range; singing notes I didn't think I would be able to.  She is patient, kind and warm and always remained that way throughout the two years I was with her.  She taught me how to sing and breathe correctly and I really thank her because I now hold on to the basics she has taught me. 

I would always bring pop songs to her and she would also challenge me to sing opera and as it turns out, I actually enjoy singing opera.  Her opera techniques helped to open up my voice whilst also giving me knowledge on singing (theory).  She is a wonderful teacher and I think anyone who is serious about singing should run to her as she is a brilliant teacher.  I can truly say that you won't be disappointed. 

I am now more confident as a singer and also part of a choir. 

Thank you Jeanie! (2012)

Update from Michael!... (2017)

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for everything you did whilst I had you as a teacher. I know this may seem very random but I’ve been reflecting recently and as I’m a lot older now, I can actually fathom the sacrifice you made to offer me cheaper lessons so I could afford to learn to sing. 

Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am. You’ve literally impacted my life for the better as I literally sing every day. I’ve even grown so much in confidence that I can evoke emotion when singing. 

I can confidently say I’m a singer, so much so that I’ve sung at wedding proposals and even at work. My director at my company left this Thursday that has just gone and I decided to sing her a goodbye song in front of my colleagues (about 25 people) and I could not believe that they were in tears. A new girl who just started in our company came up to me and said she experienced chills when I was singing and Jeanie, I was overwhelmed. 

I owe it to you and I just want to say a massive thank you. I really appreciate all you’ve done with your graceful heart. You’re literally the best teacher I’ve had and I hope you success in all your endeavours. I really believe that you can teach anyone to sing as you’ve taught me to sing. I was never able to and yet you gave me the skill to. If you ever have any young or old students who are in doubt, I’m hoping this email could be of some assistance.